CASA Approved Recognition of Prior Learning 

QAC’s CASA Approved Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), is a process which QAC uses to evaluate aircraft type related knowledge and skills acquired by aircraft maintenance engineers inside and / or outside the classroom for the purpose of recognising competence against a given set of standards, competencies, or learning outcomes and to provide Credit Transfer / Advanced Standing on a particular QAC Aircraft Type Course, theoretical and / or practical.

Save Time – Save Money.  Fast track existing aircraft type skills and knowledge


QAC’s RPL aims to optimise your progression through QAC Approved courses by recognising prior learning outcomes as the basis for satisfying some course requirements.


A credit transfer recognises the aircraft type training you’ve already done. You may be able to have credit from a relevant earlier course transferred to your current course of study.


Advanced standing is the term used to specify what is granted to you on the basis of your prior learning / current competency.


I hold an EASA B2 licence endorsed with the Boeing 787-8/9/10 (GEnx) rating. Can QAC RPL me and have this rating endorsed on my CASA licence without having to complete all the training again?

Answer: Yes. If you provide all the relevant evidence required by the QAC RPL Assessor, you can achieve this outcome. You may be required to complete refresher training and a Challenge Test.

I hold a CASA B1.1 Licence endorsed with Airbus A318/319/320/321 (CFM56) rating. I now want to obtain the IAE V2500 rating on my licence. What are my options?

Answer: A QAC RPL Assessor can assess you for a credit against the full airframe, electrical and avionic systems on this aircraft and if successful, you only need to complete the IAE V2500 engine training.