QAC Home Study Packs

Home Study Packs – CASA Basics 

Queensland Aerospace College’s Home Study Packs are designed around the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)’s CAR31 Syllabus of Examination for the AME Licences.
All of the Home Study Packs supplied by Queensland Aerospace College are based on the Self Managed Learning Principle.  This involves the student completing all of the learning and studying by themselves.

CASA Basics – Now Expire 30th June 2021

QAC Home Study Packs

QAC has Home Study Packs available for the majority of CASA Basics.  Click the buttons at the bottom of this page to find out the pricing and also an Application Form.


Can I still sit the CASA basics Examinations?

Answer: A simple Yes, You can, however you will need to clarify the extent to which can still do CASA basics and sit the examinations as CASA have placed restrictions on who can do these and for what reasons.
Generally, CASA will allow them to be used in General Aviation towards your licence and also for removing any Exclusions on your licence at both the Category and Type level.  If in doubt always refer to CASA.

When will the CASA Basics expire?  

Answer: Recently, CASA extended the timeframe in which you can still sit the CASA Basics and also the previous system means of obtaining practical experience called Schedule of Experience (SOE).  Both CASA Basics and SOE will expire 30th June 2021.